Tribal Wars Stats: ts4: Conquer map

Zoom Level:

The percentage of zoom. The minimum value is 100% (fully zoomed out), the maximum value is 1000% (fully zoomed in).
Centre on:

When zoomed in over 100%, you can use this to change the x and y position the map is centered on.
Map Mode:

You can change the map mode to either show all ennoblements, or just the ones that you have defined markers for.
Continent grid:

If the continent grid is enabled the map will include lines to show the boundries of continents on the map.
Time period:

How many conquers should be displayed.
Map settings
Zoom level ?%
Centre on ?|
Map Mode ?
Background colour
Continent grid ?
Time Period ?
Reset all settings and markers
Conquer markers
New owner: Old owner:
New marker

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